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Stacy Guenette

Stacy Guenette

Senior Client Services Specialist

Stacy Guenette began her career with the firm in 1996 as the Office Administrator. Today, she is Senior Client Services Specialist concentrating in insurance and investments. Stacy’s longstanding loyalty and experience at Pioneer Financial Group has landed her the reputation of being the office “go-to” person. We typically use the phrase “check with Stacy”, daily.

In addition to being the office go-to, Stacy’s responsibilities include policy owner services, case management, assisting advisors and agents, internal exchanges, and assisting with compliance, to name a few.

Stacy is an avid football fan and has always been involved in the community whether it’s with youth sports or fundraising events for her church. In her free time, Stacy enjoys taking weekend trips with her friends, doing Zumba, and spending time with her husband, Don; her son, Nicholas; and her daughter, Riley.